Faces from the Land

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Faces from the Land focuses on many of the Native American cultures encountered by two important expeditions: Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery (1804-06) and Prince Maximilian of Wied’s 1832-34 journey across North America and up the Missouri River with artist Karl Bodmer.

Visitors will learn about the importance of tradition and family; beliefs associated with powwows, dances, and native regalia; and the interrelationship of beadwork, fringed leather, ribbons, and hairdressing as shown in Ben Marra's portraits.

The Marras are dedicated to using the photographs to strengthen and perpetuate an appreciation for American Indian cultures. They are available for speaking engagements and gallery talks regarding their ongoing documentary journey.

Museum-quality photographs are available upon request.
For more information contact Ben Marra Studios: linda@benmarra.com

Working together as photographer and producer/documentarian respectively, Ben Marra and his wife, Linda, of Seattle, Washington, began to document powwows in 1988.

The powwow is an integral part of Native American life, offering the opportunity for peoples to gather from throughout the United States and Canada to celebrate their spiritual connections to their ancestors, the earth, community, and traditions through drum, song, and dance.

Faces from the Land